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About us

Who is CAFT....

The Tshwane mottos, “igniting excellence” and “diverse people unite” are apt for what we aim to realise with CAFT.

Our vision is to see Tshwane recognised as integral to the global art event circuit.

CAFT is the culmination of the dream of a child born at Ga-Rankuwa and raised in Mamelodi, and the efforts of a multi-talented team that will share its reverence for all the vibrant colour, and soulful texture of contemporary art and Tshwane in its cosmopolitan glory.


  1. To sustain recognition of Tshwane’s value proposition in the global art landscape.
  2. To support the developmental pipeline of artists in Tshwane.
  3. To promote those with the boldness to believe that art is a viable career choice.
  4. To celebrate the intersection of art with society.